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Mark Devos

Mark Devos

A vocal impersonator, comedian and musician of rare talent!

"Dean Martin"

"Ladies and Gentlemen, direct from the bar to your event:  Dean Martin!"

"Jim Morrison"

Come on, baby, light my fire . . .

"Tom Jones"

Hold onto your skirts, ladies!  Every night is ladies' night when Tom Jones is in the house.

"Bing Crosby"

Send a Bing Crosby Celebrity Impersonator "Hello" from a mellow fellow!

Soul Man

Soul Man

Ooo… …Baby, baby!  Who can resist a smoothly sung soul classic?

The Police Officer

The Police Officer

"Sgt. Chris P. Cream"

Halt!  Seriously, please halt!  How do you expect me to chase you with coffee in one hand and a donut in the other?

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