Mark Devos'  Tom Jones

Mark Devos' Tom Jones

He belts out sultry classics with the same power he uses to pull on his pants.  He's unmistakable with those swiveling hips, flirtatious glances, and al naturale chest.

It's Not Unusual for ladies to get twittered by the soulful Welshman as he sweats testosterone.  But it's all innocent fun.  Tom loves making a lady feel special for her birthday, Valentine's Day, bachelorette or retirement party.

Tom's not limited to the ladies.  Anyone who enjoys music of the 1960's and 70's will enjoy Tom.  He's ideal for telegrams, theme parties, corporate functions, promotional events, and meet-n-greets.  He can also do interactive, humor-filled stage shows of 15 to 60+ minutes in length.

Mark DeVos is one of the premier Tom Jones vocalists on the planet.  If you've got the jones for over-the-top entertainment, you need Tom.

Performer's Name/Profile

Mark Devos