Mark Devos'  Dean Martin

Mark Devos' Dean Martin


Everybody Drinks a Little Sometime, but some of us sip more than others.  Sure I have my vices, but they're kept in the garage next to the wood-working tools.  Do I have a drinking problem?  Naw, I don't have a problem with it at all.  I never met a drink I didn't like.  But I digest.

Do you have a pal who's retiring or having a birthday?  I'm perfect for offering a toast.  In fact, I'll show up pre-toasted to your event.  I'm not talking about crispy bread.

Do you have a special gal who needs some crooning?  I was the Ricky Martin of my day!  Women still fall over me, but that's only when I'm passed out on the floor.

I'll even lead your party in a singing of the Italian National Anthem.  Now, That's Amore!

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Mark Devos