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"Celene Dion"

Near  -  far  -  wherever you are  -  Celine Dion will come to you!!


If Cher could turn back time, she'd want to be at all your parties.


All right, she doesn't look a lot like Cher --  but even Cher doesn't look like Cher.

"Dame Edna"

No party is complete without Dame Edna!

"Dean Martin"

One of our all time favorites!  Yes, it's Dean Martin, crooning and spooning out the love to all of the ladies.

"Dean Martin"

"Ladies and Gentlemen, direct from the bar to your event:  Dean Martin!"

"Dickie Slimmins"

Hi boys and girls! Let's get physical . . .

"Dolly Parton"

Yeehah! Cute as a bug's ear and artificially enhanced out--to--there (no one, but no one, is REALLY built like that).

"Dr. Evil"

Throw me a frickin' bone here !


How can you go wrong with the King of Rock n' Roll! 

"Frank Sinatra"

Here he is folks -- the real deal when it comes to the essence of Ol' Blue Eyes, ready to dazzle your crowd with the smoothest voice around.

"Frank Sinatra"

A Frank Sinatra impressionist vocalist, Kaleb adds his good looks, charm and charisma to the mix!

"Gene's KISS"

 He sings, dances, meets and greets, does photo ops, drools lots of fake blood and extends his tongue until its muscles are totally gone . . .


First of all, I wouldn't work for anybody who would hire me.

"Hillary Clinton"

Will Hillary Clinton run or won't she?

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