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Singing/Comic Telegrams

Singing/Comic Telegrams

Beautiful, funny, creative, wacky singers and comics, all with five to twenty years of Live Wires' experience performing in homes, businesses, retail establishments or at corporate events, bringing to full life their original character creations, ruses and celebrity impersonations.

From classic singing telegrams to comic roasts to full cabaret productions, Live Wires are performed with careful attention to detail and quality to ensure your entertainment experience is the highlight of your special occasion.

Most of the literally hundreds of characters we perform may include comic roasting. The performer contacts the client to obtain information about the recipient and then embellishes some of the funnier material to include in the roast.  Our comic roasts never include any mean-spirited remarks.  They are performed in good-hearted and fun spirit to bring humor and joy to those we entertain.

Let a Live Wire singing telegram add a special zing to your festivities!


5-10 Min. Singing ~ $195
5-10 Min. Singing Celebrity Impersonator ~ $220
10-15 Min. Singing, Comic Roasting w/Optional Comic Stripping ~ $240
10-15 Min. Singing, Comic Roasting Celebrity Impersonator ~ $250
10-30 Mins. Singing Comic Pranks ~ Specific quote based on the number of actors, length of performance time and intricacy of the 
10-15 Mins. Singing Opera ~ $225
Hourly Meet & Greet & Photo Ops with Optional 5 - 15 Min. Performances ~ $300 per Hour

Prices are sometimes subject to travel and parking fees.


Beatrix the Birthday Fairy

Beatrix the Birthday Fairy

Beatrix the Birthday Fairy for a memorable birthday celebration!

"Celene Dion"

Near  -  far  -  wherever you are  -  Celine Dion will come to you!!


If Cher could turn back time, she'd want to be at all your parties.

"Dean Martin"

"Ladies and Gentlemen, direct from the bar to your event:  Dean Martin!"

"Dickie Slimmins"

Hi boys and girls! Let's get physical . . .

"Frank Sinatra"

A Frank Sinatra impressionist vocalist, Kaleb adds his good looks, charm and charisma to the mix!

"Gene's KISS"

 He sings, dances, meets and greets, does photo ops, drools lots of fake blood and extends his tongue until its muscles are totally gone . . .

"Hillary Clinton"

Will Hillary Clinton run or won't she?

"J. Lo"

Don't be fooled by the rocks that J. Lo's got...

"Minnie Pearl"

Minnie Pearl won't stop hollering, "Y'all seen any cute fellers lately?"  

"Shania Twain"

Put on your cowboy boots and hats and sing along to your favorite Shania Twain hits with Leeni as Shania.

"Willie Nelson"

Gene is immersing himself into the Willie Nelson character and is too high right now . . .

"Wizard of Oz"

Any event or special occasion is enhanced by the company of whimsical Wizard of Oz characters Dorothy, The Cowardly Lion, The Tinman and The Scarecrow.



One-of-akind Bjork performed by one-of-a-kind Leeni!

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton by Jane Hower is a glorious hoot!

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