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Lance Campbell

Lance Campbell- Mindreader

“Entertainment That’s Beyond Simply Watching”


If you are in the audience you never know when you might go from being a person that is having fun watching the action, to becoming the person that’s in the action. All seats are within his reach!

It could be having your thoughts read, characteristics of yourself revealed by him merely holding a personal object, or you involving your own intuition to success. It will be an experience that will have you at times laughing, other times amazed, but always one you will remember.

Audiences enjoy this unique presentation of thought reading and heightened awareness of the senses as they not only witness, but also experience it.


Here are some samples of what you will enjoy:

• It could involve the name of a country you wish to visit plucked from your mind.

• A drawing that you have sealed in an envelope being duplicated on stage.

• The impossibility of 1 word of 100,000 perceived from a book you looked through.

That and more awaits you with 30, 45, or 60 minute shows. All presentations can be either just for fun or can be tailored to specific business themes, people, and concepts.


There are also choices of size of show:

• Shows for conferences and banquets (option of Sound, lights, & backdrop provided)

• Medium sized shows for company or private events (up to 75 people)

• The home show where he performs right there in your living room or private restaurant dinning room. (maximum 35 people)


Book Lance and have your next event be the one that’s talked about!


"We had a great experience with Lance of An ESP Experience. He was on-time (actually early) for our event and was set up and ready to go by the start of it, and he was dressed the part. Lance was very professional and friendly and was able to adjust the length of his readings for each person depending on the line of people waiting to sit with him. He did not appear overwhelmed with the size of the event and even offered to sit with me after it was over to provide me with my own reading.
Lance was very nice and a joy to work with and I would definitely recommend him to others seeking to have An ESP Experience at their event." K.Asplin, Bastyr University, WA
"Such a fun and exciting night! This is the 2nd time we've hosted this event at our business for our clients and everyone has such a great time and always wants to know when we will be doing this again. This time I had my numbers read and was amazed at how accurate he was!!!!"Michelle T. Seattle, WA
"Lance's numerology readings absolutely astounded each and every guest that sat with him. Information Lance shared was very specific to each individual--he did not speak in generalities. Everyone was amazed with his accurate personality assessments and the insights he shared. He did not ask questions of the guests, nor did he try to find out any personal information--he was the one to do the talking. Lance was so accurate and fascinating and that we are thinking of ways to incorporate his talents into another event in the not-too-distant future! He is a very talented professional with an engaging personality.Noreen B, Community Event, Covington, WA
"Lance could not have been a better choice for entertainment for our New Years Eve party. We had 20 guest and they all got personal readings that were accurate and entertaining." Shelby S. New Year's Eve Party in Portland, OR
Lance Campbell

Lance Campbell

Lance Campbell's interactive presentation of mind reading and heightened awareness of the senses will not only have you watching it, but experiencing it!

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