Jack Turk

Jack Turk

Experience Turk's astonishingly fun and wonderful:

"Exposed: Unlocking the Technology of The Mind!"

Scientists say the average human barely uses 2% of their brain.  But are we indeed doomed to live our lives utilizing a mere fraction of our capabilities? Or is it instead possible to break the neural chains that limit our life's potential?

During this incredible presentation, you and all your friends and family will experience a revelation in how to move your mental abilities to that next level of achievement.  Turk's amazing demonstrations will not only prove the incredible potential that lies within all of us, but also reveal the three keys to unlocking these capabilities for unlimited success.

In this daring psychic program, Turk uses his background in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Psychometric Methodology to transform simple, everyday objects into lightning rod mental conduits - able to precisely probe the deepest corners of the human psyche.  Powers you never thought possible will be revealed and exposed during this amazing and hilariously fun presentation.

With tons of audience participation, plenty of laughs, and a unique mix of mystery and fun, Turk's "Exposed: Unlocking the Technology of the Mind" is guaranteed to make your next event a HUGE success!

"You really know how to cater to an audience -- Wonderful!" -- Leanne Niezgoda, Microsoft

"Jack, you provided just the right blend of charm and humor. It was great to meet you. Thanks again." -- Ken Taylor, CEO Taylor Consulting Group, CA

"You were awesome! Absolutely hire him!" -- Nancy Finrow, Lake Stevens, WA

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Jack Turk