Steve Tyler - Investigative Mentalist


Steve Tyler - Investigative Mentalist

Steve Tyler is not a "magician" he is a Mentalist or in layman's terms a "mind reader." Steve's show is amazing and great fun for an adult audience. They will be stunned and amazed. It's a unique form of entertainment they've probably never seen before and something they'll never forget.

Steve performs a mentalism show of 15-45 minutes (depending on your preference). He can also provide "mix & mingle" entertainment where he strolls around the room and performs mentalism routines for small groups of guests. Many clients book Steve for a combination of the two, performing "mix & mingle" entertainment with individual guests followed by a mentalism show for the entire group.

Steve is also a handwriting expert and he can perform inividual handwriting analysis "readings" for your guests, which is an extra treat that many people enjoy.

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Steve Tyler