Rich Waters

Rich Waters

All of Magic Rich's shows feature Magic AND Juggling AND Balloon Animals.  His classic show has all three of the entertainment components needed to make a great party.

Magic Rich is one of the few magicians to be hired by major cruise lines specifically for entertaining young passengers.  Since 2000 he's been working the Puget Sound area performing primarily kids' shows at birthdays, festivals, and every kind of party and event.

Hiring Magic Rich means you will be able to enjoy your children's party or child-centered event and not have to worry the kids aren't entertained.  It means the other parents will be asking you, "Where did you find that magician? He was hilarious!"  By hiring Magic Rich, you'll hear squeals of laughter from the children and their friends and know you made the right choice.  You will have the opportunity to see your children perform tricks in front of their friends -- don't pass up the chance to have your children be stars for the day!

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Rich Waters
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