Mimi - Psychic

Mimi - Psychic

Mimi provides lively and insightful readings through Handwriting Analysis, Tarot Cards and Dream Interpretation. She combines her natural intuitive abilities with a light hearted, thought provoking and fun approach that event guests love!

Handwriting Analysis Having your handwriting analyzed provides some very entertaining personality insights in a way that is both fascinating and fun! As a valid science, tech crowds dig it; as an intuitive art, all are drawn in. Great for both individuals and groups. Readings for couples and co-workers compare and contrast personality traits in a way that participants love!

Tarot A tarot card reading shines new light on existing situations, and can be surprisingly accurate in an uncanny way. Mimi’s intuitive and insightful tarot readings are highly popular and at all kinds of events. Guest will be lining up, and talking about it for days!

Dream Interpretation Did you know that dreams about celebrities often represent our own talents and abilities? And many famous inventions, ideas, and works of art have come from dreams including the movie Twilight and the concept for Google. Explore the fascinating world of symbolism and metaphor with Mimi, who is a sought after media guest for her dream expertise.

Workshops - Understand your work or love personality through Handwriting Analysis - Tap your Dreams for creativity, ideas, better relationships & problem solving - Develop your Intuition for success in work and relationships.

Mimi has used her skills to educate and entertain at corporate events, private parties and educational workshops for clients such as Microsoft, Amazon, The Columbia Tower Club and The Bellevue Club. Her media appearances include TV’s New Day Northwest and radio programs such as Fitz in the Morning 100.7FM and more.


Mimi is a very skilled dream worker and truly a master detective in the landscape of dreams. She is a lively, effective communicator with a great ability to make mysterious dreams come clear. Her warmth and love of people are very palpable; she knows how to put people at ease and bring out the gifts in our dreams. Gillian Holloway, Ph.D.

Mimi is an expert in dream interpretation. Her methods provide insight that are very unexpected and thought provoking. I learned so much and look forward to the next event where we can have Mimi interpret our dreams! (Private Party Guest)

Mimi's education, knowledge, and tools for dream analysis make dream detective work so fascinating and enlightening. Each time we have worked together on one of my dreams I have gained insight and knowledge to the dreams meaning, how it related to current happenings in my life, and learn so much about myself. I didn't realize dreams could teach you so much! Katy G. (Private Client)

I don't know how you do it, but the process works! Nearly everything you said is right on the mark. I think I told you I've recently been remembering more of my dreams, and I see some patterns that repeat. It's awesome how we work stuff out in our dreams, and how attention to them can give us perspective that helps us move past the blocks. N.D., Life Coach

I was a skeptic. I thought dream interpretation was like fortune telling. But a session with Mimi converted me. Her approach is to understand your meanings of the dream images, your feelings during the dream and what is going on in your life. She facilitates your ability to connect the pieces together, and I had an AHA moment as a result. Mimi can help you find out what your dreams are trying to tell you about yourself. Rich T. Motivational Speaker

During our consultation Mimi helped me uncover the message that my unconscious was pointing out. … it has made a pretty profound difference in my joy factor on a daily basis. Now I'm trying to remember more of my dreams so I can call her again! Rebecca Beltran Business and Marketing Coach

Mimi was a delight to work with and professional in every way - she was the star of our event. Too many guests pulled me aside to say that they loved their session with Mimi, and having her at the party made it so much more fun! Sharon J., Private event host

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