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Leeni is a celebrity impersonator who is also an incredible vocal impressionist.  She is not a celebrity look-alike who stands there "looking alike."   She impersonates the celebrities and performs uncanny matching vocals.

She has been an award-winning pop star impersonator performing stand-up comedy for close to a decade.   Now she has taken those amazing voices and made full-fledged characters out of them, embodying not just their vocal stylings, but their mannerisms and behaviors.

As a professional Seattle improvisational actress, Leeni also has the ability to custom design acts and characters to suit your specific needs.

"Celene Dion"

Near  -  far  -  wherever you are  -  Celine Dion will come to you!!


If Cher could turn back time, she'd want to be at all your parties.

"Hillary Clinton"

Will Hillary Clinton run or won't she?

"J. Lo"

Don't be fooled by the rocks that J. Lo's got...

"Shania Twain"

Put on your cowboy boots and hats and sing along to your favorite Shania Twain hits with Leeni as Shania.



One-of-akind Bjork performed by one-of-a-kind Leeni!

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Katy Perry performed by the effervescent Leeni!

"Britney Spears"

Oops!  She did it again! 



The effervescent Leeni as MC, Host, Prankster and Facilitator.  Beauty like this usuallly isn't so witty!

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