Lance Campbell

Lance Campbell


Mindreading Show:

Lance Campbell's interactive presentation of mind reading and heightened awareness of the senses will not only have you watching it, but experiencing it!


How It Looks:

You are enjoying the mind reading presentation with the rest of your group when I unexpectedly point to you. You are requested to think of a country that you would like to visit. You think of (for example) Italy. You are asked to concentrate and suddenly I name the very country you're merely thinking about. You don't have time to ponder how it is possible, as you are swept up with what is happening a few feet away. A person is being asked to concentrate on the amount of change in their pocket. "Is it possible" you think "can he do it?"

Numerology Readings:

Perfect for the event that has limited space or multiple things happening. Presented one on one at a table off to the side of the room. Using the numbers of a person's birth date, I will reveal insights about their inner self and their potential. Each reading lasts from between 3-6 minutes, depending on the flow of your event.

How It Looks:

You have been standing off to the side watching as a person takes a seat next to me. As the reading gets underway you see the person smile and nod as I make a statement regarding their life. You see them lean closer and point to the chart that has been made for them using their birth date. You overhear something about a lucky year and personal growth. But then the ambient noise of the room precludes you from hearing anything else. A short time later the person is walking away with the chart in their hand, comparing charts excitedly with one of their friends. Now it's your turn!

"The evening of the event proved to exceed our expectations. Lance provided a spectacular performance involving the entire audience." Amy Stafford, Chubb Group of Insurance Companies

"I speak on behalf of our entire staff when I say you made the evening a huge hit." Debi Leibovitz, G&J USA Publishing

"Lance was easy to work with and very helpful when we were scheduling our party. We had quite a large attendance but he managed to keep people participating from all sides of the crowd. I would recommend his program highly." J. Chesley - Tacoma Dome

"Your numerology sessions were a perfect match to what we had hoped for. Many have now placed there numerology readings in a visible space in their work areas and have enjoyed talking more about 'their numbers'. So I am happy to say you were a 'hit' with REI's Human Resources team." J .A. Johnson - REI

"This year was by far the best 'post-holiday' event I ever orchestrated. Its success was in large part due to your numerology presentation! You captivated everyone who sat down with you. As I walked the room it was fun listening to people as they shared what you told them, and hearing people state 'he was right on.' You made me look like the ultimate party planner!!!!" B. Pemble - K&L Distributors

"Thank you for coming out to Lyndon's birthday party. The whole group thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I would definitely say it was a huge success and one we are not soon to forget." L. Garcia - Microsoft

"Lance was great, prompt, very courteous and professional & positive, and made sure to get almost everyone involved with his performance. As engineers, we were a tough crowd, but Lance proved to awe everyone. Great experience, and his performance helped make this our most successful/fun Christmas parties our company has hosted!" L. Warren - LDC

"Lance not only entertained at our corporate function; he made sure that everyone was involved in a safe and fun way. His performance was well-paced; intriguing and amusing." L. Greer- Siegfried, Hart, & Cox

"Lance, thank you so much for making my "60th" "Putting on the Ritz" Birthday party extra special. From the youngest guest to the oldest guest they are still talking about your show." D. Douglas - 60th Birthday party

"Lance was fantastic! He was very well received by our guests. On top of his obvious talent with ESP he is funny! Very entertaining. We would recommend him to anyone who is looking for something different. He does not disappoint." A. & G. Mclean - 25th anniversary

"I send my highest recommendation to any company who is considering a performance by Lance. If you are looking to have a splendid & enjoyable evening, with some added laughs, An ESP Experience is the entertainment for your party." Cindy Stutesman, Oval Strapping, Inc. 



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Lance Campbell