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Halloween Boo!

Count Vlad

I'm the perfect guest for your All Hallows Eve To excite and entertain. My magic may deceive.

Suave and sophisticated, I've acquired a wealthy fame. Thrilled, as I get you in my spell, you will know my name;

And when your party reaches the witching hour You will needs be drawn to my magnetic power.

A smile, a laugh; you will feel so at ease To be ready to be receptive to my disease,

Which gives over the stressful struggle of modernity? And joins with me on a voyage throughout eternity.

For your celebration of the Holiday, Halloween, In front of your mirror you will primp and preen.

I have no pedestrian use for a welcome mat I arrive in your boudoir as a well-dressed bat.

And as you view your makeup in the reflection I'm right behind you. The mirror has no detection.

I prefer the charming allure of the fairer sex. I find it too irresistible! I will bite your necks.

Garlic in appetizers, I consider to be a flaw. The only stakes I like should be served raw!

If your soiree is boring, tedious, listless and flailing, I'll enliven the evenings' festivities with an impaling!

Then when the dawn ushers in the rising morning sun I must please to beg your pardon 'cause I'll have to run!

I'm attracted to the souls of voluptuous, sanguine fountains Because, I hail from the mysterious Carpathian Mountains.

If a Dracula is part of your Halloween desire; I am a Brahm Stoker, time traveling vampire.

Even though I am undead, I'm so good that I'm bad!

Please, don't have any dread; my name is Count Vlad.


The Santa Jerry!

Santa Jerry, Seattle, Live Wires, Santa Claus

Charming and so warm, The Santa Jerry’s real beard Santa puts a smile on the faces of believers young and old. He's a rock-God Santa!  With a combination of old world tradition, stories and a little magic, Santa Jerry’s visit to your holiday event is guaranteed to put smiles on the faces of all.








Seattle's best talent since 1981

Hilarious singing telegrams.  Enchanting children's performers.  Talented celebrity impersonators.  Delightful entertainers for any holiday.  And so much more.  For over 37 years, Live Wires has had only one goal:  Make your party the unforgettable, jaw-dropping, "I-can't-believe-how-cool-that-was" event of the year.

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Featured Performer - Santa Helper Elf

Santa Helper Elves add Christmas merriment to all private and corporate events. Pooky the Elf is a favorite Christmas funster who dances, juggles, performs pocket magic and twists balloon animals. Other Christmas Elves have various assortments of fun under their sleeves. Add loving and spritely elves as a fillip to your holiday celebrations.





Father Christmas

Father Christmas, Live Wires, Seattle

If you like your Christmas celebrations unconventional, witty and wacky, Father Christmas is the guy for you! Cliff McCloe brings his great humor, big-heart and insight into comedy toasting of your invitees. Just give him a bit of lead time and some informational tidbits, and he will craft his special custom funniness to your occasion. This Christmas "pudding" is special!




Featured Performer - Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus by Kirby brings special vocal joy, fun and loveliness to all your Christmas Holiday parties. Mrs. Claus by Kirby is a Seattle favorite who lends warmth and cherished song to any holiday celebration.





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Featured Review - The Silverbells Carolers

I just wanted to let you know what an AMAZING job the Silver Bells did for our event! They were perfect for the occasion. They also created a special arrangement for our finale patriotic song that was so beautiful that I don't think there was a dry eye in the house.

Livewires has always come through for me EVERY time I've used you! Thank you for your commitment to excellence! I recommend you to everyone I know who needs entertainment services!   Marilyn Kempter

the silverbellscarolers

Featured Review - Elsa & Anna

 Review of Elsa & Anna

We hired "Elsa" Heather Rush and "Anna" Ava Wadleigh for our Make a Wish Enhancement Party and they were simply wonderful! I would recommend them both to any of my friends. They are both such fabulous singers and stayed in character the entire event. If I could I would give them each a higher rating. Very talented young ladies!!! Thank you! (Christie)



Featured Performers - Superheroes




Featured Performers - New!!!

Paw Patrol "Marshall" by Clayton Michael