Murder For Sale


Murder For Sale

...It's your lucky day pal.  You just provide the place and the dinner, we'll bring the murder and the mystery.

The "Murder for Sale" talented cast of actors and actresses is ready to bring you "Jack Shamus Episode Six: The Death of Jack Shamus."  Follow the adventures of this fast-talking, hard-punching private detective through a world of femme fatales, twisted henchmen, All-American gals, evil puppets and of course his arch nemesis:  Dr.  Archie Nemesis.

It's part scripted, part improv and all interactive.  Enjoy the comedy, murder and mayhem while dining with the cast and asking questions about the murder.  They'll sing, they'll joke, they'll roast your friends and one of them will die.  All the time you'll be getting the clues to help you answer the ultimate question:  who dunnit?   Can you guess?   Right or wrong, you'll be telling your friends about it for years.   Remember:  if you ain't seen "The Death of Jack Shamus," you ain't seen Jack.

Have a virtual murder mystery party at your next event. Your guests will be assigned a character with clues to reveal or conceal from the rest of the group. One of your guests is the killer! With the help of your Host Detective, you will find out who-done-it. Great for Zoom events of 20 – 30. 

 "The group did a fantastic job, and got us all laughing.  They were very professional and made for a very enjoyable afternoon for our team.  Cries of ‘Get Over It!” have been frequent around the office since the event".  Bryce at Treetop


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Murder For Sale
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