Bill's Magnificent Holiday Flying Machine


Bill's Magnificent Holiday Flying Machine

Decked out in his finest Victorian Christmas attire, world traveler and aviator Alastair Barnswallow is transported by his brightly lit steam powered flying machine to discover Christmas traditions around the world. He is now on his yearly quest to reach the North Pole but has landed to meet and interact with fellow holiday travelers. He might tell a funny story, regale us with a joke and sing a Christmas song or two, accompanied by his trusty ukulele!!

With deft and buoyant movements his flying machine seems to hover and float through the air. Alastair sometimes gets caught in unruly drafts and bouts of turbulence, but rest assured his flying machine always ends up making a safe landing!

Part Victorian era costuming and part steam punk design, it would add a splash of nostalgia and whimsy to any outdoor event whether in the daytime or after dark.

The performer: Bill Robison has over 40 years of experience as a dancer, mime, physical comedian, actor, singer and creator of of comic illusions. He has the unique ability to create the illusion of flight with this costume. It's hard to believe he is actually not floating high in the air in his lavishly decorated flying machine!

Performer's Name/Profile

Bill Robison