Clayton's Batman

Clayton's Batman

The Batman flies in to action ready to fight crime and bad guys! Watch out Joker, The Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy and other scoundrels because when Batman is at your party scene there will be a new breed of young heroes and heroines ready for crime fighting action and keeping your neighborhood safe.

Performance may include superhero-training camp, obstacle courses and games, fun lessons in self-discipline, strength, leadership and teamwork.

Available for: Children’s Parties, Superhero Meet and Greet, and Comic Pranks.

We had a fantastic experience with Live Wires. Batman (Clayton) came to entertain 25 preschoolers at my son's 5th birthday. Clayton successfully stayed in character and managed the kids as well as a preschool teacher would, keeping them entertained while teaching important lessons about teamwork and focus. He taught the kids how to be superheroes and then took them on a mission to save two of my son's stuffed animals that had been taken hostage by The Joker. I highly recommend Live Wires for birthday party entertainment. Alison Behnke

Hi! This is Dawn Lucas. We had the pleasure of having Clayton Michael (Batman) come to our son Henry's 7th birthday party yesterday and I just wanted to let you guys know that he was awesome! The kids had so much fun and the party was a huge success. I had never hired entertainment before and it was amazing. I will certainly be doing this again and telling people what a wonderful experience it was. Thank you for making this process so nice from start to finish. You guys are great!!!! Thanks again!!!

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Clayton Michael