Whifflesnort the Wizard

Whifflesnort the Wizard

Dazzle your guests with a whiff of magic!

Wobblebottom’s School of Wizardry, Witchcraft, and Dragon Juggling is proud to announce that Professor Whifflesnort is now in your area on his Wonder of Wizardry world-wide tour.  With his skills of mirth, magic, flash and fafoooom, Whifflesnort the Wizard enchants audiences of all ages and shoe sizes.

Professor Ezekial T. Whifflesnort, BSW (Big Shot Wizard), is available to perform demonstrations of the magical arts: levitation, teleportation, obfuscation, and ipsy-dipsy-doodleation.  And, in addition to all of that, if you have a Harry Potter fan in your house and you invite Whifflesnort to their party, you will become their hero for life.  No doubt. And perhaps, just perhaps, the professor will do some recruiting and discover that you too are a WIZARD!

In addition to being a respected faculty member at Wobblebottom’s, Prof. Whifflesnort is the acclaimed author of "Dances with Werewolves" and "Faery Farts, the Foul Side of Magic."

Performer's Name/Profile

Daniel Willems