T. Tator Tot

T. Tator Tot

T. Tator Tot is a professional clown who loves being a clown and having this profession as her job.  She has been clowning now in the Everett/Seattle area since 1996.  She considers herself a quiet and caring clown.  Because she was afraid of clowns when she was little, she's the perfect addition to your event if you're hesitant about the kids' reaction around clowns.  She loves kids and making people smile and laugh.

Birthday parties, daycares, weddings, adoption parties, company picnics and corporate events are just some of the places she's been clowning around at throughout the Greater Puget Sound area.  T. Tator Tot will come to your event and do balloon sculpting, face-painting (cheek art and full faces are available), pocket magic, hula-hoops, Magic Bubble Wands that make HUGE bubbles and parachute games (she has a 14-foot one for big events), storytelling, jokes, games, songs and even dancing with the guests.

If for some reason there is rain (like that will ever happen in the Pacific Northwest  .  .  .  ) then we have feather balancing, juggling scarves, and the hokey pokey and the chicken dance!

When we are done there are lots of hugs!

Performer's Name/Profile

Terri James