Roget De Man

Roget De Man

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson embark on a camping trip.  Upon arriving at their campsite they pitch their tent and start a fire.  After a meal in the outdoors and many interesting tales of mystery and sleuth, they retire for the evening.  At 3:00 am Holmes shakes Watson from his slumber and says, "Look up and tell me what you see."   Watson, being ever obliging, looks up and says, "I see thousand of stars."  Sherlock replies, "Very good Watson.  Now tell me what you deduce."  Dr. Watson thinks for a moment and then states, "I say, Holmes, there are billions of stars and probably several thousands like our own sun.  That being the case, I suspect that there are several hundred solar systems similar to ours; therefore, it stands to reason there is a great chance for life on another planet."  Sherlock Holmes retorts, "Defective detecting, Watson.  It means someone has stolen our tent!"

When it comes to manipulating objects or manipulating the mind, for a great Leger-de-Main hire Roget de Man.

And is adept at juggling and balloon animals when requested!

Hi Sharon – I just wanted to reach out and say thank you. We had a great time on Saturday and the kids loved Roger. Peter Melincianu, ACCMAN, INC.

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Roger Tompkins