Philemon recently won the prestigious "President's Choice" award from Pacific Northwest Ring of Fire.  He has won major awards in the Close-Up Magic Competition at Kramien's Magic Jamboree two years in a row (2007 & 2008).  He was also awarded "Best Stage Act" at the 2005 Pacific Coast Association of Magicians Convention held on Norwegian Cruise Lines' "Norwegian Star."  He received the "Best Mentalism" award for his act at the 2004 Pacific Coast Association of Magicians Convention held in Seattle.  He was also awarded "People's Choice Magic Champion" at The Great Virgil & Julie Ring's "Mecca of Magic" in 2004 and the "Magician of the Year Award" for 2002 by the Pacific Northwest Ring of Fire.

Aura Portraits

Philemon is one of the few individuals in the Pacific Northwest that offers professional Aura Portraits and Interpretations.  With a few minutes of concentration, he can perceive a person's aura and proceed to create a colored sketch of it to be given as a personal keepsake. As he does so, he explains what each successive color might indicate. Like fingerprints or snowflakes, no two auras are ever exactly alike.

Chocolate Readings

Just for the Valentine's Day holiday season, Philemon once again offers a rare treat; namely his chocolate readings.  As each guest at your holiday event consumes a random Godiva™ chocolate truffle, they are prompted to describe the visual images that the sensual flavors evoke in their mind, which Philemon subsequently interprets using his unique method of "gustamancy."


"Everyone very much enjoyed having Philemon at the party!  From what I heard, it was a nice change of pace from the typical fortune tellers and tarot card readers. He was very professional and attentive and I would certainly recommend him for parties in the future." - Erin, Northland Communications Corp.

"Thanks a million for taking great care of our auction.  Your performances were great . . .  Thank you!" - Jenny Daniels Freese, Alzheimer's Association

"I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you did at Count Von Abbittstein's Halloween party.  You were a hit and everyone was amazed on how accurate your aura portraits were."- Dana R. Abbitt

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