Did you just feel the breeze from that subway vent? Isn't it just de-li-cious . . . ?

Or perhaps that breeze that swept thru the room was the lovely Hollywood Starlet . . . !

- Stop the Presses - Fresh off the set of her smash-hit comedic caper or musical extravaganza, she's got the wit , charm, and appeal to entertain the masses and be ready for her extreme close-up.

This Hollywood Bomb-shell has it all . . . She will always be Everyone's Favorite Blonde.

If you've got an Itch' to pep up your party or event, she's ready for the red carpet, donning her favorite white dress And looking like she's wearing a diamond or two.

‘Cause let's face it . . . Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.



Performer's Name/Profile

Kelli Cayman
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