She is notorious for her engaging "stage face" and her knack for providing mesmerizing entertainment at any special occasion.  Everyone from children to grandparents adore her.  As the life of the party, she loves to bring everyone together by including you and your guests in the show.  Having Katrina at your unique event will be a memorable experience that will last a lifetime.  Katrina has been teaching ATS Belly Dance since 2001.  She was the first American Tribal Style (ATS) Belly Dance Instructor in Seattle and has been nominated as the Best in Western Washington by King 5 / Evening Magazine.

Dancing since the age of 5, Katrina has a wealth of dance experience.  With a foundation in ballet, tap and acrobatics, she is a Professional Bollywood Dancer, ATS Belly Dance Performer & Instructor.  Her connection to the initiation of movement comes from her education in anatomy & kinesiology.  The energy and expression in her dance is rooted in her knowledge of Ayurveda.  She brings a light heartedness to stage as well as the class room with diligence and humor.  Off stage, she enjoys empowering and contributing to her students growth in the studio while being silly and down to earth.  Those "aha" moments and the first time a woman has the confidence to reveal her belly while she dances are what bring her the most joy.

"...You are a very creative person..." ~ Carolena Nericcio, FCBD


Every Skin Deep Dance performance is unique and mesmerizing . . . Skin Deep Dance is dedicated to American Tribal Style (ATS) Belly Dancem a modern form of Belly Dance that includes elements of Spanish, East Indian and Egyptian Folkloric dance. The fundamental characteristics of ATS is a group improvisation through the use of cues, which emphasizes being both a confident leader and an engaged follower. As body movement is the basis of our artistic expression, we strive to cultivate a positive affirmation and acceptance of all bodies. Therefore, the spaces we dance in share this same understanding. We can be seen performing at various events in Seattle such at NW Folklife Festival, World Rhythm Festival, Cues & Tattoos and more. We perform throughout the USA, including Tribal Fest in Sebastapol, CA and Internationally at the Women's Dance & Music Festival in Thailand.

"One group "Skin Deep" rocked the house with an amazing ATS piece. Of course I started crying when I saw them dance because it was so phenomenal." ~Monkeh, Vancouver B.C.

The Bollywood Project spices up any special event with their Traditional Bollywood Dance. Be embroiled with this sizzling Bollywood Dance Company in technicolor razzle-dazzle. A performance featuring The Bollywood Project is an experience you will never forget. We offer Traditional Bollywood performances and Bollywood Drag by request. The Bollywood Project was Microsoft's Choice for their 2010 Holiday Party and the project also has been personally invited to audition for America's Got Talent.

"Awesome job BTW on the 11th . . . and please thank your team on my behalf for sticking around and getting everyone involved at the event." (DJ Kazan) (in reference to Microsoft Performance)

"You ladies were AMAZING at the Saffron Circus!" (Sarah Wright)

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