Jackie Brulotte

Jackie Brulotte

Face Painting Children:

Jackie is a second generation face painter and has studied with the best face painting artists from around the world.  She has a fun child-friendly approach while she delights the people she has painted as well as the onlookers with her transformative face and body art work.  Her detailed face painting that is fit for a theater production takes 3-5 minutes to create.  She comes as a fairy or as a character that fits almost any theme.

Children also enjoy getting hand painted glitter tattoos on there hands and arms that last about a week.  They take about a minute to dry and stay beautiful even after being immersed in water.

Face Painting Teenagers and Adults:

Teenagers as well as adults enjoy the having tattoos that last 1-3 weeks.  Henna body art has been an ancient tradition used for many celebrations.   People can choose from designs of many cultures and taste, and even make up their own designs.

Hand painted glitter tattoos last 3-10 days and can be immersed under water and look great within minutes of getting one.  They are bright, sparkly and a lot of fun to show off.

Palmistry & Tarot:

Jackie's tarot and palm readings are upbeat, traditional, empowering and fun.  She has been studying the mystical arts since she was a teenager and has years of experience doing readings at parties and events.  She will arrive dressed as a character compatible with just about any event theme.

Performer's Name/Profile

Jackie Brulotte
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