Invite Queen Elsa to your party, and she will SPARKLE with her singing, ice-conjuring dances, magical games, and dramatic storytelling! She loves making her new friends and the guest of honor feel very special, and is very attentive to the hopes and dreams of the day. 


I just wanted to send feedback on our Elsa visit-she was amazing. Please thank her for us and let her know that she made our 5 year old daughter's day. She was spectacular, magical, breathtaking and put a group of 5 years olds in awe and speechless.(Sara Hagenah)


We hired "Elsa" Heather Rush and "Ana" Ava Wadleigh for our Make a Wish Enhancement Party and they were simply wonderful! I would recommend them both to any of my friends. They are both such fabulous singers and stayed in character the entire event. If I could I would give them each a higher rating. Very talented young ladies!!! Thank you!


Good morning, Heather! WOW!! What an amazing visit from Elsa for Delaney! You are truly a magical Elsa! She was in absolute awe! Elise said Delaney woke up this morning talking about her visit from Elsa! I am sure she is going to be talking about it for quite some time to come! I took videos off and on during your visit and she watched them over and over last night! We did the magical ice dance many times and practiced our curtseys! I shot video of you singing Let it Go. Delaney was singing along with the video! She did not want to leave last night because she thought Elsa might come back. We had to tell her you were in Arendelle with Anna having Christmas and that you were really busy in Arendelle but maybe you could come visit in May for her birthday. And she said yes! And bring me presents and paint with me too? (We also told her you were sleeping in your own bed in Arendelle and asked her if she wanted to sleep in her own bed with her new Elsa/Anna blanket. LOL! She said no - mommy and daddy's room!) Thank you for bringing your magic to Delaney's Christmas! I have to say, you also brought magic to all of the adults! What an amazing treat for all of us to watch the wonder in a child's eyes! We were ALL touched by your visit! Such an amazing memory for all of us! Wishing your family a magical Christmas! And looking forward to our next visits with Ms. Santa and Elsa! Remember the power of love and of being a good sister!! Big Hugs! (Marie Clark)


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Heather Rush