Ella Bella Bee & the Pollinators


Ella Bella Bee & the Pollinators

This original show, engages with interactive songs, colorful costumes, dance and physical comedy about pollinators- especially bees and bats, sustaining them, and growing food in alternative spaces!

“Janet Rayor and Clayton Murray’s completely original show is charged with energy and useful information while being perfectly aimed at her target audience. I was impressed with how the kiddos and their parents were equally spellbound throughout the entire performance.”  Karen Howe (President, Sammamish Friends)

This is great for

  • Family Concert Series
  • Festivals
  • Schools & Libraries
  • Zoos & Science Museums
  • Corporate parties that need kid-friendly entertainment

(Duo show- vocal harmonies and keyboard)

50 minutes, with ability to be shorten or lengthened ten minutes either way.  Focused to elementary age, but with lots for younger and adults—kind of like the muppets!

The new show and materials are fact checked by Cornell University entomology professor and National Science Foundation recipient Cole Gilbert.  Show was jury accepted by 4Culture King County.

Performer's Name/Profile

Janet Rayor