David Crowe


David Crowe

"Crowe delivers a brilliant combination of haughty intellectualism and physical buffoonery.  He reflects on topical subjects, historical events, and personal experiences using an outrageous animated delivery.  The result is a totally original style of brain bending jocularity."

  Crowe is the only comedian in history to have won both the Seattle and San Francisco International Stand-up Comedy Competitions.  He won them back to back, within nine months of each other.  He spends most of his time on the road, headlining the best comedy clubs around the United States, Canada and Europe.  He is a favorite on the "Bob and Tom Show" which is syndicated to 120 markets nation wide.  In 1996 he was selected to open for President Clinton at the Paramount Theater in Seattle.  He recently received a five star review and critics pick at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.  He is a true stand out among his peers and the more familiar a person is with the art of stand-up, the more they appreciate what he does. 

"Crowe's show is a 'Cirque de Surreal.'  It's a glimpse of an alternative universe where:  Bill Gates takes on Led Zeppelin, Bull Riding is an Olympic event, Pearl Jam stars in The Sound of Music, and customer service employees say what the feel.  He truly transcends the art form."

David Crowe grew up in Kent, Washington.  He graduated from Kentwood High School in 1985 and went on to earn a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Washington.  He spent two years working as a Shore Excursion Manager onboard a cruise ship in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Baltic Seas.  He then hung up the white deck shoes and polyester white pants, picked up the microphone and has been telling jokes ever since.  "When you walk around Africa wearing white polyester pants, at some point you think to yourself, 'Stand-up couldn't be anymore humiliating than this!' "  So, in 1991 he began pursuing what he calls his one true calling, to be an itinerant joke teller who goes from town to town just spreading laughter.   That is what he plans to do until he dies.  Unless, of course, he dies on stage, at which time he will then happily rise from the dead and do it again.

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David Crowe
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