Daniels' Capt. Matey

Daniels' Capt. Matey

He acquired the name Ralph by forever being seasick on his  own ship, the Flying Gooeyduck. Furthermore, the sight of blood makes him queasy, so he only uses a  balloon sword.

So, he's a lousy pirate, but a great guy to have at your  party. He'll bring pirate-themed magic, including his magic  treasure chest and a mini-cannon that can shoot either confetti or fire, and his pirate parrot puppet.

After that, your crew will play a pirate-themed game or two,  and be treated to balloon animals and/or face painting,

Daniel Willems has been a children's entertainer since 1998,  so he knows his stuff. His performance skills and whimsical  humor are guaranteed to steal your heart, regardless of your age or port-of-call.

Set course for a jolly good time, me hearties!

Performer's Name/Profile

Daniel Willems