Alex Zerbe


Alex Zerbe

Alex Zerbe, the “Professional Zaniac,” moves like a rubber band from one jaw dropping stunt to another.  Zerbe specializes in a physical comedy of controlled chaos, performing with a fearlessness and ease reminiscent of Dick Van Dyke or Jim Carrey.  A self-described “human cartoon,” his show zigzags between high technical skill and laugh-out-loud fun.  But it isn’t only for the youngest members of the family.

“Young kids love my tricks,” says Zerbe.  “But teens dig my beat-boxing and Facebook jokes.  And I catch adults busting up at jokes that fly right over the heads of the kids.  And catching a five-pound table on my face?  Everyone loves that.”

Zerbe, who has been spinning balls on audience members for over a decade, slices a stalk of celery in half with a playing card, harpoons vegetables in mid-air, and juggles ping-pong balls with his mouth.  In his hat routine, he juggles, rolls and balances three bowler hats to a mash-up of songs, prompting a reviewer to say, “Rarely have I seen such an example of physical grace.”

Formerly of the award-winning duo Brothers from Different Mothers, Zerbe is a two-time Guinness World Record holder, a Hacky Sack World Champion and was named Seattle’s Funniest Prop Comic in 2002.  He’s garnered praise from The Seattle Times and celebrities including Jamie Lee Curtis and Piers Morgan.  He’s performed everywhere from schools libraries and corporate events to prime-time television in three countries, including the shows “America’s Got Talent!” and “Last Comic Standing.”


“You’re hip, funny and well choreographed. You’re the total package!” Piers Morgan, America’s Got Talent!

“Boy are you talented…FANTASTIC!”Jamie Lee Curtis, Actress

“My face actually hurt from non-stop laughter.” Pat Timko, Marysville Library

“The comedy is non-stop.” The Seattle Times

“You were a breeze to work with.” Jarret Lambo, Producer of America’s Got Talent!

“Best Ever!” Leah Perkins - Washington County Fair Manager

“Your performance was the best part of the event!" Charlene Raunio - Overlake Hospital

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Alex Zerbe
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