Zanni Tutti

Zanni Tutti

Zanni Tutti is a masked, improvisational, physical comedy troupe.  The Masks used are from a form of theatre known as Commedia del 'Arte.  Commedia found its origins in Venice, Italy in the 1500's.  Traditionally Commedia troupes traveled around putting on improvisational shows that infused the guest town's culture and topics of interest into their shows.  Using slapstick, gags and comedic routines, the Commedia was the grandfather of Vaudeville, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and our generation's very own Simpsons.

Founded in February 2001 in Colorado, Zanni Tutti has taken this form of theatre and created its own contemporary version.  The shows break down the barriers in between actor and audience  -  they are played to the audience in a way that allows them to feel included in the action as it unfolds.  They blend elements of dance, music and acrobatics to make them fantastical with a cartoon-like atmosphere.  Because of the improvisational element, they can be adapted to be G-rated for children, more bawdy and wild for adults or suitable for both children and adults.  Shows may include a minimum of two players up to a maximum of eight players, allowing significant flexibility in custom-fitting the shows to any client's needs.   Bright and fun costumes and characters representing the full spectrum of society, from the rich businessman to the everyday worker, appeal to a wide variety of audiences.

Workshops in theatre games and improvisational techniques are also offered.   They're educational and fun  -  and also great ice-breakers for corporate seminars, retreats and motivational events.

Shows and workshops and have been performed in various cabarets, at numerous public and private celebrations ranging from barbecues to Mardi Gras parades, and at Bumbershoot, weekly shows at The Pink Door Restaurant, The Union Garage Theatre, The Colorado Southwest Theatre, The Bellevue Jewish Community Center, Western State College and for street performances from June to September for the past three years.

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Zanni Tutti
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