Live Wires Clown Paisley entertains young and young at heart! Face painting, balloons and magic are not only for the younger crowd, adults can be part of the fun too! Balloon art can be simple for the larger crowd or elaborate and fanciful. Paisley can average 25-30 balloon request in an hour’s time when requests are simple.

Worried about children running wild around while Paisley face paints? She can bring a simple craft activity to keep the munchkins busy while waiting for their masterpiece of face or hand art! Face painting takes a little more time, averaging about 12-14 children in 30 minutes. Hey great art takes time!

Looking for activities to burn that kid energy?  Paisley has a large parachute (30 feet!) that can accommodate games with up to 25 children at a time (and 15 or so adults if they insist on playing too!) and is always a thrilling hit at every party! She also has a variety of group games for the larger crowds designed to get everyone involved in all the fun!

For the bubbly crowd, Paisley can also bring bubbles! With fun activities including bubble wands, bubble machines and different shapes of bubbles extra fun will be had by all! Bubbles are a fun, slippery and messy experience! It's recommended that they are used outside!

Having bubbles part of the party activities of face painting, balloon animals and magic makes an unforgettable and fun party for all!

With close to 30 years’ experience as a children’s entertainer extraordinaire, a great time will be had by all!


"Paisley has nearly thirty years of experience, so she's basically earned her doctorate in clown sciences with an emphasis on balloon art history." Skyway Outdoor Cinema  

"Paisley embodies the true community spirit that Skyway Outdoor Cinema was made from. Not only is she reliable, professional and communicative - she's talented and hardworking to boot. Paisley is able to adapt to our specific needs as a small organization and we appreciate her regular appearance at our events and look forward to having her at many more." - Devin C., West Hill Community Association

I wanted to thank you for sending Paisley to my son's party!! She was so great! She made the children very happy with her talented face painting and creative balloon making. Kids were running around with giant balloon hats, balloon swords, and balloon angel wings. Thanks for sending her! - Cynthia M.

 She is awesome. She is an amazing magician too. We hired her for our son's first birthday party. She engaged the kids with face painting, put the pacifier on the baby game, pinata, balloon twisting etc. She did a great job. She is expert in amazing face painting and big balloon twisting. Kids loved her. We also planned a photo shoot with her. She is very professional and during dinner she passed around the tables and entertained kids with twisted balloons and magic and entertained our guests. We liked her dressing and kids loved it. We highly recommend her in everyone's birthday party. -  Jyothirmai S

Performer's Name/Profile

Tricia Jennings