Unlike other Latin bands, we are not heavy with brass, relying on only one trumpet or flügelhorn.  Our forms start on a solid base of congas, trapset, maracas or güira and electric bass.  What sets us apart is the unexpected blending of Puerto Rican and Venezuelan cuatros, instruments separated at birth during colonial times.  Finally, we stick with simple vocal lines and harmonies, letting the total blend be the signature of each song.

Ultimately, we want to recreate the sounds you might have heard in the street corners and marketplaces of coastal cities of Latin America before the onslaught of keyboards and electric guitars, the beat carried to the New World in the chanting of African slaves, in the sad verses of Spanish and Portuguese peasants, in the homesick squeeze boxes of sailors.  We want our music to smell of sweet rum, black beans and rice, plantains and casabe.  We want to bring to life the sound of the trade winds.

We have played shows at the Tractor Tavern, The Triple Door, Nectar, Tost, The Contour, and at festivals like Folklife and Bumbershoot, to name a few.  Whatever the location, bring comfortable shoes, because you are going to dance all night!

Songs featured:

1. Los Revueltos (Roberto Bonaccorso)
2. La Matica (Trad., Venezuela)
3. Bilongo (G.R. Fiffe)
4. La Muerte del Animal (Otílio Galíndez)
5. Melao de Caña (Mercedes Pedroso)
6. Cabo 'e Vela (Trad., Dominican Republic)
7. Sarandonga (Lorenzo Hierrezuelo)
8. Guantanamera Menor (Joseito Fernández, arr. Roberto Bonaccorso)
9. El Carretero (Guillermo Portabales)
10. Marieta (Faustino Oramas)
11. Lágrimas Negras (Miguel Matamoros)

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