Darleen Christopher

Darleen Christopher

As an empathic clairvoyant and Spiritual Counselor, Darleen Christopher is clearly focused on the mind, body, and spiritual connection.  She has been a professional psychic reader serving the community since 1993.   She is recognized as a talented practitioner of many psychic arts, including palmistry, tarot, astrology and numerology, and she appears in the Directory of Northwest Intuitive Arts Practitioners, an honorary acknowledgment received only by nomination of authenticity.

Party readings are meant to be memorable and fun for all ages.  Darleen Christopher's goal is to see people smile!  Discerning in her choice of words and presentation, she is professional, ethical, with impeccable integrity.  Capable of reading one on one or many at a time, she delights in delineating people's character just by holding up their palm!  She can be a roving artist teaching palmistry, numerology and astrology.  Darleen is always soft, positive, compassionate, and with a gift of tact, she delivers upbeat insight, often with a comic air.  Her live performances on stage will dazzle the whole crowd by revealing personality quirks based simply on the topside of the hand and will make even the most skeptical laugh out loud! She also sees auras, sees people and hears names of close associations, as well as empathetically connecting to reveal archetypes that are journeying with you on your path.  Her readings are tremendously entertaining and will captivate any audience!

As an ordained minister, Darleen can perform at weddings, events and parties.  She has a BA in English Literature, a screenwriting and film degree, giving her a flair for the dramatic.  She has studied metaphysics all her life and completed two years of astrology school at Astrology et al.

"Darleen is wonderful!  So accurate and non-judgmental.  Says even difficult things in a very kind and giving way.  She's always right on the money!  I highly recommend this psychic!" ***** Lisa Pierce, Seattle, WA

"She knew things about me that no one else could possibly tune into.  Very great at tuning into internal, deep stuff.  A must call, you will not be disappointed!!!!!!" ***** Keen Member Diana 100

"You were so detailed and wonderful to speak with.  I really appreciated your quickness and your ability to pick up on many details.   I also appreciated the fact that you were so positive and spoke it all the time.  Thanks a million and I will be in touch." *****Ana McReynolds, Seattle, WA

"HIGHLY recommend Darleen.  She is very friendly and easy to talk to, but you don't have to say anything if you don't want.  She'll just tell you what she sees, which is a truly remarkable amount.  She's very kind even while revealing the challenges you face.  I am definitely looking forward to calling her again." *****Sylivie Hendricks

"WHAT A BRILLIANT READER!  WOW!!   Would you believe that in only 15 minutes she picked so many different things up and gave specific qualities and descriptions of both people and events!  Truly AMAZING!!!" ***** Keen Member 91313327

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Darleen Christopher
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