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Female Impersonators

There's nothing quite like the faux real feel of a female impersonator celebrity or character at your bash! To rub elbows with the likes of Live Wires' talented and funny female impersonators will be sure to add that extra pizzazz to your event. Check out our star-filled "dressing room" to book your favorite impersonator. "She" can sing, roast or meet and greet their way through most any type of occasion--from private to corporate, banquets, conventions -- and don't forget those backyard BBQ's.


10-15 Min. Comic Roasting & Singing Performance - $275

20 Min. Enhanced Comic Roasting & Singing Performance - $300

30-60 Min. Enhanced Comic Roasting & Singing Performance - Specific Quote

Hourly Meet & Greet & Photo Ops with Optional 10-15 Min. Performances - $450 per Hour


All right, she doesn't look a lot like Cher --  but even Cher doesn't look like Cher.

"Dame Edna"

No party is complete without Dame Edna!

"Judge Judy"

Justice with a quirk . . .

"Tina Turner"

Tina Turner as performed by Chinchilla.



Our ridiculous Seattle Nordic influence . . .

Glenda the Bad Bitch

Glenda the Bad Bitch

Apparently Glenda got out on the wrong side of bed this morning.

Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus comes to us probably on a permanent "loan" from the lemon Drop Lounge at the North Pole.

Princess Kalakala

Princess Kalakala

Need some maritime disaster. . .?

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